Teaching at Elisabeth School Marburg

While studying in Marburg, where I'm specializing in teaching subjects such as Mathematics, Politics/Economics, and Computer Science, I work as a substitute teacher at Elisabeth School. I also lead a Mathematics Support Group at the school to help students in enhancing their mathematical understanding and skills.

Evangelical Youth (State Level)

State Youth Convention (LJK)

The LJK represents the main voice of the Evangelical Youth within the Evangelical Church of Central Germany. With a network that reaches out to young Christians, we commit to Christian values and actively participate in projects such as the Evangelical Youth Festival. Moreover, we're active not just within our own committee but also in other church leadership bodies, advocating for the interests of the youth.

The LJK Board

Between conventions, the board represents the LJK. This team of seven, elected for a two-year term, undertakes a multitude of tasks, from post-processing the previous convention to coordinating working groups. They are the linchpin between various committees, handling requests from other conventions as well.


Note: Christian Heering has been on the board since 2018 and has been its chairman since Autumn 2023.

Church Community of Eisenach

As the voting youth representative on the Church Council of Eisenach, I represent and advocate for the interests and concerns of the younger generation within the community.


Church Community of Eisenach-Gerstungen

As a youth representative with voting rights in the Eisenach-Gerstungen church district, I am also committed to the interests and concerns of the younger generation (young people) within the church district.